• Erik.W. Tofsrud

Top of the World Road - Dawson City, Yukon, Canada to Chicken, Alaska*

Top of The World Road 360° View: Yukon to Alaska

This picture is taken from the highest point on the road, above the tree line with a great 360 degrees view of Yukon and Alaska. It was 2 degrees on the top and the fall colors stood out in the early morning sun. The best scenery of the road is in the Yukon.

View from Top of the World Road between Chicken and Tok, Alaska

This picture is taken between Chicken and Tok, Alaska, a continuation of the Top of the World Road. We passed through an area of at least 40 km where a forest fire had taken place a few years ago. The area has permafrost and it takes years for the black pines to grow just a couple of feet. It was an interesting drive.

* the reason for the name "Chicken" is because early townspeople couldn't spell "Ptarmigan"

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