• Erik.W. Tofsrud

Views from Denali Highway, AK - elevation about 4,000ft

Denali (formerly Mount McKinley)

Denali Highway is a gravel road from Cantwell on Highway 2 (just south of Denali National Park) to Paxson, AK 134 miles east. It climbs up past the treeline and on to the tundra.

View north towards North Fork Pass

This is the Alaska Mountain Range with three major peaks, Mt. Hayes, Hess Mountain and Mt. Deborah.

View of largest mountain, Mt. Deborah

View of the largest mountain Mt. Deborah. It was the focal point for a good portion of our trip as we traveled through the tundra.

Fall Colours, Alaska tundra

The fields and most of the mountain sides were covered with this beautiful color blend. In certain places it joined with small aspens in yellow colors.

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