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Beaver Creek, YT Canada - Haines, AK, USA - pouring rain

Giant hill of yellow aspen enroute to Haines, AK

Shortly after we started the 580 km drive to Haines, AK we encountered 400km of solid aspen colors in many shades lining the highway. Our jaws kept dropping - we had never seen anything like it.

First sign of fresh snow, Boutillier Summit

This was the first sign of fresh snow on the mountain tops - the highest elevation was at Boutilier Summit at 1,000 m.

RIver and terrain at the border between Yukon and BC

As we crossed the border between Yukon and British Columbia I took this shot, very typical of the terrain we had most of the day, except for the last 75 km down to Haines, which is close to sea level.

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