• Erik.W. Tofsrud

Kitwanga, BC - St. Paul's Anglian Church - 1893

Michael James Heney, sculpture, Skagway

“People of the Place of Rabbits” (in the Gitxsan language) was the original name for Kitwanga or Gitwangak. This site hat long served as an important trade center for the northwest First Nations cultures and for the settlers that pioneered the Kitwanga valley.

In the early 1900s the building of The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway had started. This northern rail line was to open up the country for development and provide a transportation link to the coast. Until then canoe travel had been the main mean of transportation, then to be followed by sternwheelers on the Skeena River. One of the main industries at Kitwanga at that time was to cut cords wood so the sternwheelers could refuel at Kitwanga on their way up the river to Hazelton.

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