• Erik.W. Tofsrud

West End, Vancouver, BC

Entering Smithers

West End of Vancouver is experiencing daily changes due to significant construction projects. It took only two weeks to remove commercial buildings in this bloc and two high rises will be erected. Across the street another high rise is under construction. The new high rises will be between 22 and 28 stories high,

The house in the foreground is Barclay Manor, built in 1902. The tall building in the background is Sheraton Landmark hotel, which was closed in late 2017. It was built 44 years ago and will be torn down and replaced with two towers, 32 and 34 stories high.

The house on the legt hand side was sold in fall of 2017 at $4.2 million. It will be converted to a three apartment building. We live on the building to the right.

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