• Erik.W. Tofsrud

Contrast, Vancouver, BC

Granville street

The construction of the highrises on the north side of False Creek has never impressed me. I find the buildings to be sterile, lacking good architecture, with the same type and colour of the windows and steel structure and insufficient green space. Nothing left of the past history.

This does not fit Vancouver and it is in stark contrast to the great scenery surrounding the city.

Compare the photo above with the north side of Stanley Park. It has a feeling of the nature welcoming you; it has colour and a diverse natural landscape. The City of Vancouver wants higher density, totally ignoring how to incorporate the natural beauty of our surroundings. Another sore point is how West Vancouver marches to the same tune. Look at the hill side in the background a far cry of how the original British Properties was laid out. Clearcutting and high density seem to be their main objective.

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