• Erik.W. Tofsrud

West End, Vancouver, BC

Stanley Park

The West End Vancouver is subject to major construction. In less than two weeks, a whole block on Davie Street had all commercial and residential buildings torn down. Three major high rises will be built; one is also under construction across the street. The new high rises will be between 22 and 28 stories high.

Barclay Manor was built in 1902 and many other similar buildings were constructed in the West End in the early 20th century. The tall building in the background is the former Sheraton Landmark hotel and the hotel, 44 years old, was closed in late fall. The building is scheduled to come down in the near future and two new high rises, 30+ stories high will be constructed.

The one family building on the left was sold last fall for $4.2 million and will now be converted to three apartment complex. We live in the building on the right.

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