• Erik.W. Tofsrud

Visit to Vermont #1, USA

Natural art

I visited Brattleboro, VT many times in the 60's when I lived in New York City. The main purpose was skiing. I wanted to take pictures and see more of Vermont and visit old plaves. " Whetstone Falls, very close to where Brattleboro's Whetstone Brook flows into the Connecticut River, was a handy source of water power for watermills, initially a sawmill and a gristmill. By 1859, when the population had reached 3,816, Brattleboro had a woolen textile mill, a paper mill, a manufacturer of papermaking machinery, a factory making melodeons, two machine shops, a flour mill, a carriage factory, and four printing establishments" (qouted from Wikipedia)

This is the Main Street of Brattleboro. Nearly all the buildings in the downtown area are of brick and located close to the various mills that were lining the Connecticut River. New Hampshireis is on the other side of the river.. The preservation of the old buildings is quite impressive and how well they are maintained.

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