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Silver mining, Kongsberg, Norway

This is Sandsværveien, which is one of the oldest streets in Kongsberg. Many of the workers in the silver mines settled down here. Some of the houses in this photo are more than 200 years old.The work in the silver mines started in 1623 and till they closed in 1957 a total of 1,350,000 kilos of pure silver were mined. More than 80 different mines were in operation. At the peak of the silver mining in 1769 about 4,000 workers were employed. Many of the workers were German miners. Germany controlled Norway at that time and the majority of the silver went to Germany.

This is Kirke gaten with the church in the background. Many of the houses here are also dating back to the silver mining operation. Now it is a combination of small shops and apartments.

This is adjacent to Royal Norwegian Mint and many of the houses go back to early 1800.

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