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Stave church, Torpo, Norway

This church was built in 1192 and was dedicated to Saint Margareta. Only two stave churches in Norway had an inscription of who built the church and it is runic inscription: þorolfr : gærþi : kirku þesa ÷: askrimr ÷ hakon ÷ ælikr ÷ pal ¶ æinriþi ÷ siønti ÷ þorolfrIt ÷þorer ÷ ræist÷olafr. Translatet it means: "Þórolfr made this church. Ásgrímr, Hákon, Erlingr, Páll, Eindriði, Sjaundi, Þórulfr. Þórir carved. Ólafr. The church was subject to many indoor changes/destruction during the next centuries, depending on which religion was most dominant.

The baldachin (from the 13th century) inside the church is facinating and well kept in spite of the drastic changes the church faced over the centuries.

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