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The new Oslo Harbor, Oslo, Norway

The new apartments (condos) in the dark color on the left are built on a former pier for cargo vessels and the same for the white buildings on the right.The grain terminal behind the cruise ship is still in operation. The green space to the right behind the cruise ship is the park area where Akerhus Festning (fortress) is located. The downtown of Oslo is behind the park. My home was next to the mountain farthest to the top left.

This photo continues to the right of the former photo. The brifge in the front will be removed, the rail tracks will be in a tunnel to the rail station. The highway on the left of the lake will also enter a tunnel at the end of the white bridge. There are a number of tunnels for vehicles under downtown Oslo and the first restrictions for vehicles have been put in place for for some of the streets downtown.

This view from the harbor shows the variety of the aprtment and commercial buildings in the background where the construction cranes were in the previous photo. The water in the harbor is clean enough to allow swimming in front of the new apartment buildings.

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