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Unique building, Prince George, BC, Canada

Christine & i were sitting outside Starbucks at Ramada Hotel and we saw the building across the street and the woods in the windows interested me. Christine was reading The Globe and Mail and there was an rticle about the building and here is a partial quote:

"The Wood Inovation Research Lab in Prince George, BC, appears to be nothing more than a modern cedar and blackmetal building, but look past the cladding and you will find an engineering feat that has earned it the recognition as the most airtight industrial building on the continent.

The University of Northern British Columbia has received Passive House certification, making it the first of its type in North America to meet the internationally recognized standards for energy efficiency.

Guido Wimmers, Chairman of the Integrated Wood Design Program at UNBC, said the building is very efficient and cuts heating and cooling bills by up to 90% in a central BC climate where temperatures range from -30 C in winter to 30 C in summer...."

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