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West End, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

A view from Robson Square towards West Georgia Street with a mixture of old (Vancouver Hotel, built in 1916 and owned by Canadian Pacific till it was sold in 1988). I rented for years a room on the 16th floor as my office. The small building in front of Hotel Vancouver was the former Provincial Courthouse and became Vancouver Art Gallery in 1983.

One of the few old buildings left to stand on corner of Robson and Thurlow Streets, but totally shaded by Carmana Hotel since 1999.

This is east corner of Thurlow and Robson Street with famous Joe Fortes Oyster Bar. The restaurant took the name from "Citizen of the Century". He was given the official lifeguard status and would teach hundreds of children to swim and to save over 100 lives to become a legend and inspiration for the city.

I copied this map from the ""West End Community Plan" and it shows what the City Council expect will happen in the West End over the next few years. The dark blue buildings illustrate planned development estimate and the light grey buildings illustrate those under construction or in approval process. Already there are 6 construction cranes in operation and 3 more to come this year on Denman Street.

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