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Around Lake Union 2, Seattle, WA, USA

In Washington, D.C., at about 2 o'clock Pacific Standard Time, 1932, President Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) turned a telegraphic key to unfurl the flags on Seattle's bridge. Sirens wailed and a 21-gun salute cut off in mid-sentence Governor Hartley's speech. Fireboats shot lakewater into the air, and the Sixth Army Engineers Band played the National Anthem.

This another of the floating home villages, little further north, form the ones in yesterday's blog. The house are bigger.

The Centre off Wooden Boats at Lake Union Park in Seattle has a workshop teaching interested members to work on building wooden boats, being rowboats, sail boats, etc. It was started by Dick Wagner, who as a hobby built small rowboats/sailboats, n 1968 the Wagners began renting boats from their floating home. After a decade of growing popularity for their rental operation, the Wagners along with their patrons, who quickly grew to become close friends, decided to start a “living museum.”Their growing collection of traditional wooden craft led to the establishment of The Center for Wooden Boats. They believed that the purpose of their collection was education and that the most effective means of education was direct experience. CWB became a hands-on maritime museum where the exhibits were put in the water and the public was encouraged to use them.

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