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Around Lake Union, Seattle, WA, USA

This is the south end of Lake Union, with a lot of new construction. Two more photos.

The two on theft side the vessels that provided the needed transportation between Seattle, Tacoma on small villages between, prior to the development of bridges and roadways. The number two on the left is a doubled decked passenger vessel, built in 1922. The red one the right is a retired retired lighthouse vessel with coal fired steam engine. She was built in 1904 and saw her duty off the coast of California, Oregon and Washington.

II was not aware of the three villages of floating homes on the east side of Lake Union. They have a history as long as the City od Seattle itself. Originally built as crude structures on rafts to house logging workers. There are about 500 floating homes in LakeUnion and Lake Portage (eastern arm of Lake Union).. I looked at the listing of houses for sale and they range between US$3,500,000 and 135,000.

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