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Sao Bento railroad station, Porto, Portugal. - 1

This railroad station took my breath away when I walked in to take some pictures. The display of tiles on three of the walls made you stop and enjoy the art work. São Bento Railway Station in Porto was opened to the public in 1916 on the site of a former Benedictine monastery.

The top is depicting the Battle of Valdevez (1140), with two groups of antagonists and other knights in the background. The one below represents meeting between the knight Egas Moniz and Alfonso VII of León in Toledo (12th century), offering his life, his wife and his sons during the siege of Guimarães.

On the top is a vision of the procession of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in Lamego, an exhaustive description and detail showing the multitudes within an urban setting. Under this composition are two panels that represent her "promise" on her knees and, the other, her actions at the "miraculous" fountain

These to panels represent four work scenes: the vineyards, the harvest, the wine shipment down the Douro and work in the watermill

The upper panel show a picture of a cattle fair and pilgrim camp.[1] The lower panel represent work in the watermill.

There are approximately 20,000 azulejo tiles, dating from 1905–1916, that were composed by Jorge Colaço, an important painter of azulejo of the time.[1] The first tiles were placed on 13 August 1905.[1] The top panel is D. Jazo I in Oporto, with his fiancé and the conquest of Ceuta. The bottom panel is.a scene depicting the Battle of Arcos de Valdevez and Egas Moniz before Alfonso VII of Castile.

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