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Wall art, Porto, Portugal. - 3

I was hiking along the Douro River this morning and these bright colors against the blue sky was a welcome sight.

Most of the streets in Porto are on the hills on both side of Douro River and some are so steep that they have stairways. When I climbed one of the steep stairways I saw this bright colour and I found it quite interesting. Ignoring the graffiti the mural had a different composition and from a distance it appeared that it was a house I saw.

Further up the stairway I came across this mural.

This rabbit looks as old as the house. It was near one of the many wineries on south side of the Douro River

I did not think that this door was in use anymore, it was partly broken and missing windows, but as I was getting my camera ready the door opened and a lady came out to brush the entrance. Then I saw the slot for the mailman and the door bell. Nearly all the old buildings, that had not been renovated, have plenty of wires hanging on the outside wall.

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