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Streets and buildings, Old Town, Porto, Portugal

These two murals are from the cafe Guarany where we had our morning coffee. The artist that painted wanted the guests to remember the Southern American Indians who once dominated the vast region that today is home to Paraguay, Paraná (Brazil) and Uruguay.

This is the place with City Hall and we stayed at the hotel on the right side and Cafe Guarany on the left side.

This was a neighbouring church and many of the churches had tile surface

This a neighbouring street with a church in the background

One of the many steep streets in the Old Town

I was impressed with the strong colors many of the old houses had. We need such colors in Yale Town

Thise are apartments on the south side of Douro River and again plenty of bright colours. I noticed that quite a few of the apartments were very narrow, often with only one window.

You would see the support of walls from buildings that are under renovation

A building under renovation and notice how little space the crane occupy on the side walk. Just in downtown Porto I counted 14 cranes.

This building is adjacent to our hotel.

You can see the construction cranes in the background.. Here are the very narrow buildings. Each floor has only windows in the front. In the back is the stairway to each floor.

This is from Old Town

This is one of the earliest settlement along Douro River. The plan os to renovate most of the oldest buildings and retain the front of the building.

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