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Nedre Bakklandet, Trondheim, Norway -2

I took a long walk with a tour guide around Trondheim and what impressed me the most was Bakklandet.

Bakklandet was quickly build up again after the devastating fire in 1718 and by 1772 - 1780 160 farms and 14 docks were constructed along the east side of Nidelva. Bakklandet remained a suburb till midle of 1800s.

A number of businesses, including shipyards were established. This was followed with bars and homes, that were constructed where any free space could be found. There were no proper city planning.

The majority of the residents living in Bakklandet were fishermen, craftsmen and workers. The houses were small were and it was a hard living. In the 1960s a new main road to Trondheim was to be constructed and a portion of the houses in Bakklandet were torn down to construct the new road.

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