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Watch these two, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Chase, Cruz an I had a wildlife experience this morning. We walked our daily trails and on the way out on Lees with the two on their leach, when suddenly Cruz barked very strongly and Chase was snapped out of my hand. I turned around and I saw Chase being dragged into the bush by a light brown coyote. I needed help, so I unleashed Cruc and he took off at the coyote so he dropped Chase. I managed to rescue Chase, but a second coyote, partly black and white came to the assistance of the brown one.

I called Cruz and he came to me immediately, caught his leach and walked quickly away. The coyotes were not finished with us, walked less than 100 feet behind us, sometimes closer. I grabbed a thick stick in case we got attacked.

We got to Cathedral Trail, where I meet dog walkers I see nearly every morning and let them know what had happened to us. I had checked Chase and he had no marks from the coyote's teeth. We have seen the same coyotes a few weeks earlier and Cruz heard/smelled them long before I could see them. The coyotes have shown fear of Cruz, hence the reason I let him off the leach so I could rescue Chase, who had his neck in the coyote's mouth.

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