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Street pictures from Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia

This is a clear illustration of how important wall paintings are in Medellin. Please notice the men (three of them) busy painting and below you will see the layout for the rest of the wall painting.

Another colourful wall painting

A colourful old house with a wall painting in progress behind the house

There are two things that we noticed in our walks on the side walks. How clean all the streets are, very seldom that you see a papper cup or newspaper crumbling on the streets. There are plenty of waste baskets and they are being used. The other observation is the dark line in the middle of the side walk. It is to assist sight impaired people. We have never seen that in any other side walks around the world. What a smart idea. Vancouver City Hall should come down here and learn how to keep streets/sidewalks clean and well maintained.

On our way home from an Italian restaurants down the street from the hotel we passed a small park with colourful decorations

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