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Museo Casa de la Memoria, Medellin, Colombia

This is the entrance to the Museum and we visited the museum today and it was a visit that was hard to forget. It was well laid out and with videos of interviews of many of people that had lost family members, was sexually assaulted, terrorised, etc.

This initiative seeks to strengthen the collective memory about the events developed in the recent history of violence in Colombia and take actions to restore the dignity of the victims.

Unlike other memory museums in the world, concerned with finding ways to heal a country's relationship with its past war or dictatorship, the Casa de la Memoria Museum deals with the memory of a conflict still alive and dissemination from a recent past.

I wanted to take Christine to the place I had breakfast and/or lunch when I visited Medellin five years ago and here is Negron restaurant.

Great food and an acceptable price of CA$21.25. You always get high quality of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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