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View from the mountainsides of Valle de Aburra, Colombia

The Aburrá Valley is a subregion-province located in the center-south of the department of Antioquia, Colombia, in the middle of the Central Andes Mountain Range. It is part of the natural basin of the Medellín River. It travels from south to north, receiving a series of tributaries along its route,

The density is not that high in Aburra Valley, most of the buildings are max three floors high.

The construction of buildings is crawling up the mountain side. The elevation in downtown Medellin is 4,870 ft (1,485m) and the top of the buildings on the other side is about 5,600ft (1,700 m).

Where ever you are in the greater Medellin, you will find greenery, plenty of trees on streets, in the garden of the buildings and in many small parks.

This facing west and Medellin is outside the picture on the right. Unfortunately, we had some light fog this morning, reason for not perfect pictures. I will have pictures in the next few days taken of downtown Medellin from the mountain side.

The the people living in the houses in front of us are the ones that suffered the most during 1980/early 1990, during the hight of the terror/murders by the Cartel. Instead of taking the gondolas up the mountain side we took a taxi and got a very good impression of this area. We could not forget the horrific years the residents had faced.

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