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Views from Motorcable, Medellin, Colombia

We had a guide that took us on a large circle around Medellin. One of the things was a Motorcable trip from downtown Medellin to a mountainside on the east side. The Motorcable is on the right side of the photo and brings you to Villa Sierra. There are a total of five Motorcables, three are on the west side and two on the east side.

In front are older house and in the background construction of taller buildings during the last 10 years.

The houses on the mountain side that are not served by Motorcable have narrow and steep roadways. In many places you will find long and steep stairways like the yellow one in the front.

This is a view from the Motorcable showing old houses in not the best condition. There are plenty of such small villages.

A view from the east side of Medellin with a mixture of old houses/apartment buildings and with downtown Medellin and western mountainside. Even the streets in the villages of old houses/apartment buildings are kept totally clean. Every early morning workers come and sweep the streets.

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