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In honour of the people killed by Escobar's cartel, Medellin, Colombia

This location has a great view (except for the haze in the valley) and it has a very sad history from the Cartel years 1980/1990. Pablo Escobar took over this property and got a luxurious structure built for him and close followers, that had a prison, casino, comfortable living area, etc. It closed in the late 1990's and the Benedictine Community took over.

This is how it now looks inside. The Cathedral is the name of the “5 stars” jail located on the hill of La Paz, municipality of Envigado and that Pablo Escobar himself ordered to be built before surrendering in 1991 in exchange for not being extradited to the United States. The prison, which looks like a fortress, is more than 3000 meters above sea level surrounded by forests and old colonial roads, one of which he escaped on 15 months later. In it the drug gangster enjoyed extravagances like a "cell" with excellent views and a rotating round bed, a bar with pool tables, a casino and other luxuries that nothing remains.

This is the memorial posted after took over. The text in upper left made me get tears in my eyes as read: "and he left to find the smile he lost, and he fell asleep to cry, and left he wanted to fly, now it is breeze, now it is peace and he left".

The text in the lower right is to honour of the prisoners killed by Escobar and his Cartel.

"823 attacks that left approximately 402 civilians dead and 1,710 injured550 police officers killed by Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel. Escobar paid an average of 2 million pesos for each homicide.

100 bombs blew up the Medellin cartel only between the months of September and December 1989. Those affected were supermarkets, banking institutions, schools, electrical and telephone installations.

85 bombs detonated the Medellin cartel between January and May 1990 against the headquarters of Drogas La Rebaja, owned by the Cali cartel, in Pereira, Cali, Bogota and Medellin.

700 injured left the attack against the headquarters of the DAS in Bogota, in 1989 seventy people died.

111 passengers died when the bomb onboard an Avianca plane detonated in the Medellin cartel in 1989.

15,000 people lived, according to the authorities, in the last 20 years related to the war on drug trafficking. Five thousand five hundred of them between 1989 and 1993 during the Medellin cartel boom.


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