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Waterview, Sørenga, Oslo, Norway

This is a new development. I was very impressed what the developer had achieved. The swimming pool in the front is for public as well as residents. Downtown Oslo is less that 15 minutes away and great public transportation.

Every condo has a water view and big balcony . Plenty of lawns and vegetation. The big building inlet in the background is a new Munch gallery.

You may see a person in a bathing suit at the other side of the swimming pool. Had enjoyed the swim - it was seven degrees Centigrades.

The platforms around the swimming pool were of wood and with a very smooth surface. Part of Oslo Harbour is in the background.

This is also a view of Oslo Harbour from Sørenga.

This shot shows the southern view of Sørenga, with the Opera-House and Much gallery. During summer school breaks I worked on cargo ships, that were moored along docks and warehouses where the condos are now. The bananas were not packed in carton boxes as they do now, but they were still on the stems and occasionally there were snakes hidden along the stem and the bananas.

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