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Walk along historic Akerselva, Oslo, Norway

This is where Akerselva (Akers River) end their discharge into Bjerkevika. The tall building on the right is the new Munch Museum. The white building in the middle is Operahuset, which has an impressive building style. Oslo Central station is behind Operahuset.

This is Akerselva.less than a quarter kilometer from Munck Museum. There is a walking trail all the way through the City of Oslo, it is extremely popular and with good vegetation.

Akerselva was a focus for the beginning of Oslo as a city. There are many old stone/concrete buildings and old industrial buildings.

These buildings are some of the old industrial sites. Many have been converted to offices, apartments, stores and restaurants. We had a lunch at the red building.

Grünerløkka Studenthus is a 1950s grain elevator located along the Akerselva River that has been converted into a 19-story student housing.

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