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View on Medellin's suburbs east & south, Aburra Valley

Medellin has expanded considerably over the last decade, after the cartel was moved out. The expansion has been further up the Aburra Valley and higher up the mountains. All of these four pictures are from the eastern part of the valley, outside the downtown of Medellin.

Having the population moving further up and down the valley and higher up oil the mountain sides brings certain problems for the municipality, public transportation, environmental issues, water and sewages, etc. The Expansion Master Plan, which includes 16 new lines that will be added to the existing 10: two trains, five cables, two buses and a tram.

The preference of the Municipality is to have more high-rises within the present well operating public transportation system. There are some serious problems of building high-rises higher up the mountain sides - dangerous mud slides.

The head of Metro in Medellin said the other day: "“If the subway did not exist, last year 4,314 road accidents would have occurred, there would be 602,922 consultations for health conditions, travel hours would be increased by 31 million and 67 million gallons of diesel valued at more than 311,000 would have been consumed millions of pesos. All these figures are auditable, measurable and were made with the mechanisms used by the subways of the great capitals of the world"

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